Practice areas

Property and Real Estate Law

The real estate market in Istria is on the rise once again and in order to be successful in this particular line of business, having competent and comprehensive legal counsel at your side during every transaction should be deemed a priority. Due to our extensive experience and knowledge in this field of law, our Law Office is one of a few offices in the area of the City of Pula that specializes itself in property and real estate matters.

We provide a complete legal service to our national and international clients in every facet of property and real estate law, including but not limited to:

  • Acquiring ownership of real state and chattel;
  • Specific features of acquiring ownership of real estate in the Republic of Croatia by foreign nationals (EU Citizens, or non-EU Citizens);
  • In case a dispute that needs to be settled in Court occurs, we will protect your interests through Civil Litigation;
  • Possession, Trespassing proceedings;
  • Legal counseling and representation in the process of acquiring ownership;
  • Division of marital property;
  • Drafting and overview of Purchase Deeds, Contracts and Precontracts;
  • Joint ownership, Condominium ownership, Co-ownership contracts;
  • Securing claims through Liens;
  • Real estate property rights, Real estate prices, Building land, Agricultural land;
  • Building contracts, Lease agreements, Deeds of donation;
  • Provision of legal counsel in tax matters regarding the purchase of property;
  • Property investments, Real estate project planning and follow-through, Property transactions;
  • Legalization;
  • Regulations regarding the Land register;
  • Registering rights and facts into the Land register;
  • Dissolution of common ownership;
  • Neighbour law, Parcelling and Subdivision, Regulation of parcel boundaries.