Practice areas

Inheritance law

We provide counsel and representation to testators, heirs, legatees, as well as all other persons of interest in all aspects of Croatian inheritance law. Some of the more common fields of practice are:

  • Legal counseling and drafting of last wills and testaments;
  • Drafting contracts on property division in case of death;
  • Representation of heirs and other persons of interest in composition proceedings in front of the competent courts and notary publics;
  • Filing demands for the issuing of death certificates;
  • Bringing forward motions to commence composition proceedings;
  • Division of estate after the finality of the court or notary public ruling;
  • Transfer of inheritance shares;
  • Relinquishment of inheritance shares;
  • Civil litigation between heirs and other parties (over the estate composition, demands for returning gifts, claims for statutory shares, renouncement of inheritance, claims to tout a testament as null and void).