Practice areas

Corporate law

Corporate law in the Republic of Croatia is regulated in the Statute on Commercial Companies, which has quite a few similarities to the Continental-European systems of Germany, Austria etc. The law itself has been thoroughly adapted and reformed in order to conform to applicable European regulation.

Our practice areas:

  • Comprehensive legal counsel and representation in the process of establishing new commercial companies;
  • Representing companies in court and extrajudicial procedures;
  • Drafting and executing decisions of the board of directors as well as other corporate bodies (appointing members to the board of directors, awarding persons with general commercial power of representation, changing the company registered address, amending articles of incorporation, as well as the statement on incorporation);
  • Drafting and executing general shareholders meetings;
  • Consulting regarding tax questions;
  • Counsel and supervision when undertaking structural reforms of the company;
  • Counsel and representation in liquidation and bankruptcy procedures.